Réponse Rapide: Where I Can Sell Agricultural Supply Star Citizen?

Where is widow Star Citizen?

The Commodity Widow is Bought at Jumptown a “hidden” location on Yela. Typically you can purchase it for around 14.5 aUEC and it sells for around 24 aUEC at Levski & GrimHex.

Can you trade in Star Citizen?

In Star Citizen, progression is largely driven by the trade of goods, from highly valuable assets you can stow on your person, to volume-based trading using the largest haulers.

Where do I sell raw materials Star Citizen?

Sell the stuff at the trading console of the Mining Outpost.

How do I create a route in Star Citizen?

Instead of selecting a physical destination when on the Star Map, you will see your fellow citizen appear at their current location. Select them in the Star Map, then hit Set Route and the MobiGlas will automatically configure the route for you. All you need to do is jump!

Where can I trade in Port Olisar?

The trade desk is in same hall as the ship terminals, there is a guy standing behind desk.

What is Port Olisar?

Port Olisar is a space station orbiting in Crusader in the Stanton system. Port Olisar is currently the only space station in a planetary orbit to not have a cargo deck or docking ports.

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