Les lecteurs demandent: What Is Intensive Subsistence Agriculture?

What is meant by intensive subsistence agriculture?

Intensive Subsistence Agriculture Definition: a form of subsistence agriculture in which farmers must expend a relatively large amount of effort to produce the maximum feasible yield from a parcel of land.

Where is intensive subsistence agriculture?

Intensive subsistence agriculture is prevalent in the thickly populated areas of the monsoon regions of south, southeast and east Asia.

What are some examples of intensive subsistence agriculture?

There are two types of the intensive subsistence agriculture. One is dominated by wet paddy and the other is dominated by crops other than paddy, e.g., wheat, pulses, maize, millets, sorghum, kaoling, soya-beans, tubers and vegetables.

What is intensive subsistence agriculture class 8?

Intensive Subsistence Agriculture: In this farming, the farmer cultivates a small plot of land using simple tools and more labour. Rice is the main crop. Other crops include wheat, maize, pulses and oil seeds. This type of cultivation produce little to be left over and mainly farmers fullfil only personal needs.

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What are the 3 major types of subsistence agriculture?

Types of subsistence farming

  • Shifting agriculture.
  • Primitive farming.
  • Nomadic herding.
  • Intensive subsistence farming.

What are the two types of intensive subsistence agriculture?

Basically, there are two types of intensive subsistence agriculture: Intensive subsistence agriculture dominated by wet paddy cultivation: This type of agriculture is characterised by dominance of the rice crop. Intensive subsidence agriculture dominated by Non Paddy crops. Rise is the dominant crop.

What is so special about intensive subsistence farming?

Intensive subsistence farming are high doses of biochemical inputs with the high extensive irrigation used to the high extensive manner. The intensive subsistence farming is mainly used for obtaining the higher production to the extent. This type of farming is practised in areas of high population pressure on land.

What is the other name of intensive subsistence farming?

But despite changes the term ‘intensive subsistence’ is still used today to describe those agricultural systems which are clearly more sophisticated than the primitive agriculture. Sometimes it is also known as ‘ monsoon type of agriculture’.

Which country intensive subsistence agriculture is not predominantly practiced?

The correct answer is Canada. Intensive farming is the kind of farming in which farmers grow their crops, fruits, and vegetables on a small piece of land using simple tools.

What is an example of intensive agriculture?

Crops. Monocropping is a defining feature of intensive plant agriculture. Large areas of land are planted with a single species, such as wheat, corn, or soy, with the latter two used heavily in animal feed.

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What is the difference between subsistence and intensive farming?

Subsistence farming is growing food for your own and your family’s direct consumption. Intensive agriculture is anything that really works the land hard. The inputs cost money, so it is generally only done for profit.

What are types of subsistence farming?

There are two major types of subsistence agriculture: primitive and intensive. Primitive subsistence farming, which includes shifting cultivation, slash and burn, and pastoral nomadic farming is mainly practiced in marginal areas.

What is intensive subsistence farming What are the characteristics of intensive subsistence farming?

Answer: This type of farming is practised in areas of high population pressure on land. It is labour-intensive farming where high doses of biochemical inputs and irrigation are used for obtaining higher production. This type of farming is practised in the states of U.P., Haryana, Bihar, etc.

What are the 3 categories of commercial farming?

The three categories of Commercial farming are Commercial Grain Farming; Mixed Farming and Plantation Agriculture.

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